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Depending on the type of Zinc Rich coating formula, paint producers all often require customized particle size distribution (Usually between 2 um – 12 um).  PZD classifiers and separators allow for precise particle size distribution to ensure consistency for its customers.  

PZD administers particle size distribution testing through a number of methods and reputable instruments.  
  • PZD’s Quality Control Laboratory routinely utilizes:
    • In House Cilas Laser Particle Size Analyzer,
    • In House Fisher Particle Size Analyzer,
    • I.C.P.C’s (Institute of Color and Technology) Malvern Laser Particle Size Analyzer
    • Horiba Laser Particle Size Analyzer (From Industrial Technology Research Center in Taiwan), and
    • Testing Facilities of University of Aachen, Germany.
  • PZD provides particle distribution charts from all or any of these sources upon customer request.