Zinc Dust




Zinc – Rich Paints are used to protect steel surfaces from corrosion.  Sufficiently high concentration of zinc dust is required to provide sacrificial protection to iron by becoming the anode of a corrosion cell while iron structure becomes the cathode (Electrical Means).  The anodic reaction of the zinc metal in the zinc dust leads to the formation of zinc corrosion products.
Some types of zinc rich primers (Inorganic which generally must be spray applied) are used as a stand-alone, but often they are top coated with a paint or epoxy. A zinc primer under a topcoat of epoxy or urethane paint provides a backup or secondary method or protecting the steel from corrosion.
Organic Zinc-Rich paints use organic vehicles to bind the pigment into a paint film.  They can be applied by brush, roller, or spray.




Inorganic Zinc-Rich paints use silicate binders and other inorganic systems as vehicles.  Zinc Dust coatings containing ethyl silicate binders make an excellent contribution to corrosion protection.  They are easy to weld, cure rapidly at low temperatures, and can be easily over-painted with all conventional paint systems.  


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